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Titled Users and Forums
Currently, we offer the following titled ranks: 

Economics GM 

- Economics GrandMasters: Highly specialised thinkers with a plethora of real-world knowledge that are making the world a better place to live in. 
- Mainly Economics Professors and Researchers

Economics IM 

- Economics International Masters: Those on the verge of becoming GrandMasters and revolutionising Economics.
- Mainly PhD Students and graduated Masters Students.

Economics NM 

- Economics National Masters: Those who have conquered their degrees and await for experience to improve them.
- Mainly Bachelor Graduates and 3-year students. 

Titled Forums: 
Titled Forums can be viewed by all Astras but are limited to titled users to create threads, posts, and polls. However, there is a way for an Astra Member to access these - gain a reputation in the "For Astra Members" forums by actively spreading and gaining knowledge and you will be able to enjoy the privileges of titled users in the titled forums.
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