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NIO downgraded by Goldman
GS recently downgraded NIO from a hold to a sell stock and the price dropped by 14 percent. This is the third time this month that GS has changed NIO's rating. This is clearly market manipulation, what is the SEC doing?? 
ps- GS owns a 1.2 percent stake in NIO
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Never trust these so-called 'analysts'. If GS thinks that NIO is a sell, why don't they sell their stake? I hate these unethical Investment Banks. Wall street is full of selfish crooks.
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Interesting point. I would like to present some facts about NIO to those here who may not know what is;
NIO is termed the TESLA of CHINA. With new innovations, it has a large market to capture.
Market Capitalisation: 13B
Net Income: negative (understandable since it is a new venture) Note: Tesla has still never made a single dollar in profit.
Profit Margin: -140%

Hopefully we can get a equity discussion section going on the Ludic. Mods could you make that happen?
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