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Tesla’s share price a bubble?
Tesla’s stock price is up 155% in the past 3 months in fact it rose by 10% just yesterday. It seems that every time Musk tweets, the stock rallies. What is behind this unprecedented growth or is it just full of air and ready to burst soon? Will the short sellers milk a huge profit or will tesla join the S and P 500 and see its stock price shoot through the roof?
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Elon Musk's Compensation figures are miles ahead any other CEO. If he is already a founder, holding a significant amount of Tesla stock, I fail to see what warrants such a high level of compensation? Couldn't Tesla put to better use the majority of Elon Musk's $500 mil yearly compensation? Seems like a grey area
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Tesla's q2 earnings are going to be published this evening. It will be quite interesting to see how not only tesla has done, but also the EV industry as a whole. I wonder what will happen to its stock price.
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