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    Thread: NIO - A New Tesla
Post: NIO - A New Tesla

Orignally posted Jonas10: Have you guys heard of NIO? Its basically China’s version of Tesla and lately it has received a lot of publicity (its stock price has almost tripled this last month). NIO ha...
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    Thread: A New Tesla - NIO
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Your Thread has been decided to also be added to the What's New section.
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    Thread: Titled Users and Forums
Post: Titled Users and Forums

Currently, we offer the following titled ranks:  Economics GM  - Economics GrandMasters: Highly specialised thinkers with a plethora of real-world knowledge that are making the world a better place ...
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    Thread: What are Astrans?
Post: What are Astrans?

Astrans are this forum's local currency. Earn it to buy items from the shop to display your collection or to send items to other deserving individuals. For more information, navigate to the Astrans se...
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    Thread: What is Astran Rank?
Post: What is Astran Rank?

As soon as you join our forum, you are assigned Astra 1 rank. You must engage in our community, create threads, and gain a reputation to be promoted to the higher Astras. Higher Astras enjoy community...
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